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It’s Not Just a Card.

He is the child that is rough and tumble, likes to push the limits and at times is very misunderstood. He is the child that is sensitive, cares about others and truly does have the best of intentions. He is the child who stops in to check on his younger siblings in their classrooms on a daily basis. He is the child that doesn’t trust easy, has a rough exterior and says what he thinks – sometimes without thinking.

He was having a rough day and I was asked to go and see him. I put my hand on his shoulder and asked him if he would like to talk or would he prefer silence. He pulled a card out of his pocket and played with it and looked at the ground. He suddenly started talkind, he told me he missed his Dad and asked me if I knew him. I knew his Dad, he was a man who loved his family. I was here at the school 5 years ago when the phone call came in and I was asked to get his older siblings from class with their things and wait at the office for someone to come and pick them up. We talked about the memories he has of his Dad and the special box of trinkets he has at home, things that his Dad gave him. We spoke of his favourite times and the things he can share with his younger siblings to help them remember their incredible Dad.

We laughed, we cried and at the end he passed me the card. He looked at me and said this is the last thing my Dad ever gave me. He told me how he carries it in his pocket every day and somehow it helps him feel connected to the man that he misses and longs to talk to. I felt honoured that he would allow me to touch his most precious belonging. I looked at it as we talked for a while longer and then passed it back to him. He carefully took that card and put it in-between two others for safe keeping. He told me he thinks he will always be a fan of Pokemon cards. To which I replied me too.